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Over The Period 2018-2022, Electricity Production Increased From 2351MW to 3312MW

According to Davis Chirchir, cabinet secretary for energy and petroleum, the amount of electricity produced went from 2,351 MW to 3,312 MW. At the same time, the number of customers connected to the electricity increased from 6.78 million to 9.21 million, meaning that both on- and off-grid connectivity rates increased by 75%. 

According to the CS, 415,032 barrels of crude oil were produced, transported by truck, and delivered to the Kenya Petroleum Refineries Limited over the same time period. Of those barrels, 414,777 were exported.
Similarly, 319,314 6 kg LPG cylinders were purchased and given to low-income households in Machakos and Kajiado counties on a trial basis as a way to promote clean cooking, according to a speech made on his behalf by the Principal Secretary of the State Department for Energy, Mr. Alex Wachira, during the Ministry's validation workshop on Thursday to validate its Draft 2023–2027 Strategic Plan.
Wachira revealed that in order to expand the digital superhighway by matching fiber optics with pipelines, the Ministry planned to work with other government entities. 
Chief Economist Lucy Gaithi of the Ministry stated in a presentation that 402 woodlots and 1,652 hectares of newly planted trees were established along the hydro catchment zones. 
Gaithi noted that in order to assist clean cooking, the Ministry encouraged the adoption of alternative renewable energy technologies like solar PV systems, biogas, and energy-efficient charcoal kilns.
The Strategic Plan that is undergoing validation is in line with several national, regional, and global development tools, including the Africa Agenda 2063, the Kenya Vision 2030, the Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA), the East Africa Community (EAC) Vision 2050, and the Fourth Medium Term Plan. 
Attendees at the meeting included members of membership organizations in the petroleum and energy sectors, as well as representatives from a variety of State Departments and agencies. 
The Energy and Petroleum Resource Development, Promotion, and Commercialization, Access to Energy and Petroleum Products and Services; Environmental Sustainability in the Sector, Enabling Environment for the Growth of the Sector are the four Key Result Areas (KRAs) of the Strategic Plan.
Source : www.blacknz.com
Posted On: 5/23/2024 12:00:00 AM

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